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Elementary iPads Screenshot 1

Elementary iPad Cart
Page 1- General Apps

To project this image to show your class what app to press, click on the picture to enlarge.

 Link to the Technology Site

 This is the internet browser for the iPad.

Access to a dictionary and thesaurus

This is where all downloaded information from iTunesU is stored.

19 Full Length books

Elementary iPad Cart

Screen One

The first screen contains many of the default apps that come with your iPad new.  Below is a description of each app on this page. 


Basic Calendar-default Apple app. 


Keep track of your contacts. default Apple app.

A notebook where notes can be stored and e-mailed.  Default Apple app

Map features that allows you to zoom in and out, also gives directions.  Default Apple app

Stores videos on your ipad including those downloaded from itunesU.
Default Apple app.

This app is currently blocked for students on iPads.  Default Apple app.

Access to iTunesU, for lectures, videos and documents from scholarly sources across the country and world.
Default Apple app.
App Store

Search for new apps and get updates.  Default Apple app.


Control various settings including custom app settings, wifi access and email information.

Default Apple app.

Set up access to school e-mail accounts.  Please do not allow the students to set up their e-mail address.  If it is necessary to e-mail a project, be sure to delete the account in settings when the are finished.
Default Apple app.

Stores photos from the iPad.  To take a screen shot, hold down the top power button and click the home circle button at the bottom of the iPad.  The screen with flash white and you will hear a clicking sound.  Default Apple app.