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Elementary iPad- Math Apps

Elementary iPad Cart
Page 4- Math

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 Magnetic Alphabet Lite

Comes with a rich set of colored pieces that can be placed freely on the board: letters, numbers, symbols and figures
 ACE Kids Math Games

* Counting
* Addition
* Subtraction
 Undersea Math

Learning Addition Visually - Answer questions to reveal a secret picture. Every correct answer is one step closer to seeing the picture.
 Let's Do Math

Let's Do Math! is a fun game to practice your addition and subtraction skills. See how far you can get! Build your high score by chaining together perfect answers.
 Make Change

Slide coins across a surface of your choice. Stack change below the line until you have the amount shown on the register display and check your answer. If your total isn’t correct, you can try the same problem again. The app will also show you the best way to count change so that you use the least number of coins.

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 Pearl Diver

Grades 3-8

=> Understand numbers, ways of representing numbers, and number systems.
=> Understand and represent commonly used fractions.
=> Understand fractions as part of unit wholes and as locations on number lines.
=> Compare and order fractions, and find their approximate locations on the number line.
 Super Number Kid

Super Number kid is a fun game using board to teach kids numbers from 1-20 and basic arithmetic. Besides, their memory will be improved by matching the same numbers.
 Math Bingo

*Choose from 4 games: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division

*Choose from 3 different levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard
 Math Magic


Math Magic uses a combination of your choice of vibrant colours, simple interface and a reward system of stars to encourage and teach kids between the ages of 3 and 8.
 Pocket CAS

PocketCAS is a powerful computer algebra system specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod touch. It gives you the power to solve complicated mathematical problems within seconds, anytime, anywhere.
 TanZen Lite!

Nearly 50 Tangram puzzles
 Time to Learn

Fun and Interactive
● A talking clock confirms the time when you set the clock (this is presently supported if the language on your device is set to English)
● Animated clocks come alive with smiles and roars as kids work through problems
● Choose from many jungle animals and their sounds, including a Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Hippo, and Panda.
● Choose from 3 clock styles: Standard, Learning (with hour and minute numbers), and Classic (with Roman numerals)
● The jungle theme, complete with animations, animal roars and sound effects, truly immerses kids in a deep and alive jungle.
● Get a jungle congratulation when you solve 5 in a row.
 U.S. Quarters

This interactive book provides images and descriptions of the State Quarters released by the U.S. Mint over last ten years (1999 to 2009).
 Hot Potato Basic Math

The main mode is "Potato" mode, based on the classic game of "Hot Potato". You play with up to 5 friends and the goal is to answer arithmetic questions as quickly as possible, because as you play, there is an invisible timer counting down and as soon as it runs out, the current player is eliminated. If you answer a question incorrectly, five seconds is taken off the timer and you must answer the question again until you get it right. The goal is to be the last player standing.
 Tam & Tao in Numberland

Your own little explorer will discover number 5 with the magic of iPad: count, write 5, associate a quantity with the number, counting will become as easy 123!
 Flash to Pass Math

-Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Mixed sets.

-Six levels of difficulty per mathematical operational.

-24 additional card sets for practicing particular math fact sets, such as "two's" in addition, ranging from 1 to 24.

-Randomly generated card sets.