Downloading an app

These look great, but how do I download????

1. Turn on your iPad

2. Connect to the Internet

3. Open the App Store by touching the button that looks like the one below

4. You will be prompted to log into iTunes.  Use the school account to download the apps listed on this page.  You will need the username and password (Ask an administrator, Brian, or Leah for this).

5. Search for the app that you are looking for by name in the upper right corner

6. One of several apps will pop up, click on the one that you want

7. The next screen will have a picture of the app and a description, under the picture there is a price.  Verify the price if multiple apps exist. 

8.  Click on the price button, it will turn green

9. Click again on the same button, it will now read "Install App"

10. The browser close and take you to the screen

11. You will get a pop up that states that because you have already purchased this, you are eligible for an update for free.  Click yes to continue.

12. Click on the app icon to explore.