Music/Art/Games iPad Apps


Name of App


3.5 stars

Stand O’Food HD Free

Sequencing game but required planning ahead and speed increases profit.

3 Stars

All-in-1 Casual and Puzzle Gamebox HD

8 Most popular casual and puzzle games in one app

3.5 Stars

Magnetic Draw

Magnetic Draw is a blast from the past for all those familiar with MagnaDoodle.  Magnetic Draw features a pen with different strokes, and various stamps to complete your drawing

3 Stars

Memory Cards for iPad

An addictive and challenging memory match game enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

4 Stars

Cookie Doodle

Good social interaction- let’s kids take orders and make cookies using dough, cutters, frosting and toppings.  Very good reviews

2.5 Stars


Fingerpainting without the mess!

3 Stars

Instruments in Reach Basic

I-PHONE VERSION!!!  Fingering chart for a variety of instruments.  Just Okay.

4 Stars

iGame Clock HD Premium

A variety of ways that time turns into a game.  Some include penalties

4.5 Stars

Little Things

Where’s Waldo with a twist.  Randomization assures you never have the same puzzle again.

3.5 Stars

Highlights Hidden Pictures

I PHONE VERSION!  8 Puzzles included with purchase

2 Stars

Kids Song Machine Lite

I PHONE VERSION!  Basic sing along for kids

3.5 Stars

iWash my Cats lite

IPHONE VERSION!  These cats are all dirty!  Someone has to wash them.  Let your kids do the job.