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How to connect a wireless keyboard for the iPad


1.       Turn on keyboard- Top right on the side of the keyboard there is a button that looks like it will fit a AA battery

2.       On your iPad go to:


3.       Settings

4.       Go to the General tab (Left hand side, 5th from the top)

5.       Select Bluetooth (Right hand side, 4th from the top)

6.       Turn Bluetooth on

7.       Bluetooth will recognize Keyboard.  If it does not, be sure that the keyboard is on.

8.       Bluetooth will say that the keyboard is not connected.  Click on that message; it will then connect the keyboard.


The virtual keypad will no longer come up.  Should you want to use the virtual key board click the eject button.  Top left corner looks like an underlined triangle.


Video Tutorial Detailing this process