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The Week in Technology @ WGLS

Week of January 28, 2011

Document Camera-  We have a document camera available for use in your classroom.   A document camera will take anything you place under it and display it through your projector.  Imagine being able to show your class in large detail literally anything you can put your hands on- experiments, papers, specimens, textbook pages, manipulatives, anything!  The technology is here and ready, send a work order to "technology coach" if you want the Document Camera in your classroom.  First Come, First Served!   :-D

Pictures Wanted!  Do you have any pictures of students @ WGLS using technology?  Anything counts, iPads, iPods, laptops, computers, document cameras, clickers, anything!  Please send pictures my way through e-mail.  I would like to have a slide show on the tech site of our students and technology in action.

Try this!  Qwiki is a multimedia encyclopedia containing more than three million entries. Qwiki publishes narrated, illustrated, interactive reference entries.  This site isn't even a week old!  I typed in terms such as Waynesfield, Ohio and it gave a description of the town including pictures.  You can enter any name, place, or thing and get a short narrated video.  It is like YouTube and Wikipedia combined.   

Curriculum Mapping- If you have any input regarding curriculum mapping please send it my way.  A decision needs to be made soon and your input is valued!

New Teacher Pages!  More and more teachers are getting websites- be sure to check them out!  We are just about at 25% of our teachers having a classroom website.  (If you want to be next, let me know and I'll get you started!)  :-D

Tech Site Updates-

Want something added to the tech site?  Send a work order!