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Technology Updates

Week of October 1, 2010

Attached is a pdf file for varsity vocab and power verbs, I have different versions of these also just let me know if you want them sent.  You are free to use these how you feel fit. If you would like these as an image, go to the tech site under reading.  :-)


Here is a list of the new apps purchased the week of September 27th These are available free of charge to teacher iPads, for a complete listing of available apps go to Google Documents.  If you would like to request an app  to be added to the list, send a work order to “technology coach”

Popplet- Mind mapping (brainstorming) with text, bubbles, pictures, etc.  Very simple to use!

PocketPhonics- Teaches young kids letter sounds, blends, and diagraphs.  (This is the full version of the app that came on your iPad

Betty Crocker Cookbook- Recipes and pictures.  Search by recipe or ingredients.

Sidenote- A school in West Virginia is experimenting with replacing there textbooks with iPhones and iPads. Read about this school here: Each year they have a contest for developers to create an educational app, below are the winners from last year.  They are all iPhone apps, but can be downloaded for free. 

-Math Stacker

-iCatch Squares

-Energy Footprint

-Freddy Fraction

-Fraction Factory

-Computer Carl


Website additions for the week of September 27th.  If you have an upcoming unit that you would like interactive resources for send a work order and I will find and get resources added to the site.  Also, if you know a site that you would like added send me that info and I can added it to the page.


-Third Grade Story Retelling Video

-Geography Page Updated

-Root word, prefixes, and suffixes games added to the reading page

-Illustrations for Varsity Vocab and Power Verbs added

-Vocab videos added for ACT and SAT prep

-Division games added

-Money games and money management activities added

-Week in Rap added to the current events page

-Grammar page updated

-Fourth Grade Reading Updated