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Tech Updates

Week of October 22, 2010

New Resources on the Webpage include:

Science  -Space  -Weather  -Oceans  -Earthquakes -Volcanoes    -Rocks (enhanced)  -Minerals (enhanced)  -Weathering and Soil

Reading  - Making Predictions  -Text Connections

Grammar  -Verbs (enhanced)

Math  -Ratios and Proportions  -Decimals  -Measurement

Elementary  -First Grade (enhanced)  -Kindergarten (enhanced)

Teachers (enhanced)

MS/HS  -The Titanic

Have something that you would like added or enhanced?

Send it as a work order under technology coach!


New iPad Apps:

       -Giggle Buddies Camping at Lake Huckleberry- Penguins go on their first camping adventure and solve a mystery in this interactive book

       -TallyPad- Fully customizable tally counter for the iPad

Please be sure that the apps that you are downloading are on the list or free.  If you want an app added that isn't free please send it as a work order this will help to keep funds available for app purchase.  

I didn't know the iPad could do THAT!

Did you know that the iPad can now control the projector/computer in the Crow's Nest from the Cafeteria floor.  It acts very similar to a Mimio Pad in that you can control all of your computers functions while you are away from the computer.  See Brian for more information.

iPad Questions:

I will be going to an iPad conference on Tuesday, if you have any questions that you want me to ask the apple pros just let me know before Tuesday.

Smart Clickers:

Did you know that you can upload any word document to make a smart clicker assessment?  With three sets of Smart Clickers, at least one set is almost always available.  Would you like to try an assessment using clickers?  Let me know and I can walk you through the process or use your questions to create your first assessment to help get your feet wet.  :-)

Technology Blog:

I am working on creating a blog that features technology that is being used by our teachers and students.  If you have anything going on in your classrooms that is neat or out of the ordinary, please let me know.  :-)