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Technology @ WGLS- We are trying new and exciting things everyday… here’s what is happening

Week of October 29, 2010

  •  Mrs. Barrington tried Smart Clickers for the first time for a vocabulary activity with her 6th grade science classes
  •  Mr. Ricker is now having his 12th grade English students submit papers via e-mail adding comments in Word and sending them back to students through e-mail
  • Mrs. Kindle and Mrs. Shobe went on a virtual field trip through Scholastic to visit Taylor Swift and talk about the importance of reading
  •  Mrs. Bogan now has a PDF file of all of the short answer and extended response questions for 6th and 7th grade OAA questions.  She plans to project these questions and allow students to underline the key vocabulary, these will serve as a strong visual for all students but especially the students on an IEP.
  •    Mrs. Balbaugh videotaped 5th grade science experiments and is having the students edit their video and import it onto a PowerPoint.

Have something that you are doing in your classroom with technology that is exciting and new?  E-mail me!  If you need help getting ideas on how to increase your technology use by 10% stop in and we can explore some options together. 


Website Additions and Updates- Can you believe it… the technology site has been viewed over 6,000 times!!!!!

iPads- updated


            Physics- created


Math-  Counting and Number Recognition- created

            Have something that you want added or enhanced?  Send it as a work order and I will find any resources that I can.  Do you have a site that students would enjoy, send it to me and I will add it to the site. 



·         Did you know that by downloading the SPARKvue app, you can use the iPads internal accelerometer to measure your iPads acceleration (if you are jumping, shaking, or it is laying on a table).  Once it is downloaded, you click the plus sign in the corner of the app, this will take you to a graph.  Click the play sign at the bottom and start moving your iPad, it will measure the iPad’s movement.  You can do this several times and it will show you the differences. 



Do your students need practice in a certain area (Number, Number Sense etc.)?  SMART: Science and Mathematics Achievement for Tomorrow (this is different than Smart Clickers)  has taken released test materials from Ohio and other states and divided it by grade level and strand.  This is an awesome resource!!!