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iPad Carts are Ready!!!

iPad Cart 1 and 2 are ready to be checked out!  Brian has e-mailed you a calendar to sign up for the iPads.  Everything iPad related at WGLS can be found at  If you would like me to be there when you use them for the first time just let me know.  So far, the students LOVE them and have little to no difficulty using the iPads.  If you are planning on having the students use the internet on the iPad, you may want to check on yours first to be sure that all sites are fully accessible.

Quick view of Lab 1 Schedule (you cannot edit from here)

Lab 1 Apps

 Quick view of Lab 2 Schedule (You cannot edit from here)

                Lab 2 Apps

               Lab 3 Apps (So Far)

Schedules of all of the Tech available in the school