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Tech Updates

Week of November 19, 2010

1.       All iPad carts are up and running!  You can check them out by using Google Calendar. Remember not to plug the carts into a GFCI receptacle.  Try to not allow the students to edit any of the settings.  Thanks for all of your help!   

2.     2.  New Apps to the elementary iPad cart

a.      Story Buddy

b.      Doodle Buddy

c.       The Tortoise and the Hare

d.      Flash to Pass

3.      3. Additions to the tech site If there is something you want on the tech site, please send a work order.  :-D

a.      Math-

                                                              i.      Fractions

                                                            ii.      Money- Enhanced

                                                          iii.      Place Value- Enhanced

b.      Current Events

                                                              i.      Thanksgiving

                                                            ii.      Veteran’s Day

c.       Second Grade

                                                              i.      Fables

                                                            ii.      Second Grade Jackpot

d.      Third Grade

                                                              i.      Third Grade Jackpot

e.      High School and Middle School

                                                              i.      High School Grammar

                                                            ii.      History

                                                          iii.      Spanish

f.        Teachers

                                                              i.      Why not skip nightly reading

                                                            ii.      Files to Download

1.      OAA Jeopardy

2.      Sequencing Jeopardy

g.      iPads

                                                              i.      Updated app list

                                                            ii.      New information

                                                          iii.      App Recommendations

h.      Grammar

                                                              i.      High School Grammar

                                                            ii.      Subject/Predicates