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Technology Updates

Week of November 5, 2010

Technology Thursday

                Curious about the Mimio or resources on the Technology Website?  How a Mimio works?  Or what the ‘the best’ sites on the technology page are? Would you like ideas on how to incorporate more technology into your teaching?  Thursday after school beginning at 3:10 I will be in the Media Center Computer Lab to work with teachers in exploring the technology website while using the Mimio, and answering any related questions.  I plan to keep this less than 30 minutes.  J  This is optional for anyone who would like to come.  If you have a specific question let me know in advance so I can find the best resources for you.


Additions to the Technology Page

Elementary Page

- Dr. Jean’s Cheers and video of Dr. Jean presenting her cheers. 

-Fry Sight Words PowerPoint Presentations- these are from my classroom it has all of the Fry words up to 500 and the Fry phrases.  I would play them in the morning as students were doing their morning work.


                -List of apps currently on iPad Lab 1 and 2 added to the page

                -Schedule of iPad cart 1 checkout added


                -Green Sheet Step by Step directions

-You Tube Time Machine Link- Pick a year (all the way to the 1880’s) and view movies and commercials from that year.  I was able to see a commercial for the Reagan campaign, etc.


                -Pronouns Edited and Enhanced


                -Virtual Cell Animations (Awesome!)


These are a few of my favorite (Free) apps

             -Newspapers- The New York Times; USA Today; Dayton Daily News

            -LIFE Explorer- View photos worldwide by clicking on their locations on the map

-The Weather Channel (You cannot access their website on the iPad, this app allows you to see the information)

-PBS- Full length programs

-Betty Crocker