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Week of March 4th

Would you like a cart of iPads in your classroom all day, everyday for a period of a month to six weeks?

Just a few more days to apply!  Applications are due on Monday, March 7th.  These are a few questions I have received so far, hopefully they help you as well. 

  • I use the iPads every week, I want to continue to do this will I be able to?  Yes!  As of now, we are only planning on distributing Cart 2 to a classroom.  At least cart 1 and probably cart 3 will remain available for checkout as needed.  Depending on the number of applications received this may change, but we will remain flexible.
  • I don't think I will use them 100% of the day everyday but I would still like them, is this okay?  Yes!  We want to have them available to a teacher(s) so that when the sudden learning opportunity presents itself you are able to reach for the iPads instantly.  The goal is that the longer they are in your room the more uses you will find for them.
  • I would like the cart for 2 weeks instead of 4.  Is this okay?  Yes!  On the application there is a question that asks when you would like them and for what length of time.  Just answer it to best fit your needs.
  • I want a specific app on the cart that is in my classroom.  Is this possible?  Yes!  We can re-image the iPad cart to have all of the apps that you would like on the iPads.  This includes e-books, podcasts, apps, images (see below), or anything else!
  • I want my students to be able to create graphs with the iPads.  Is there any way to do that?  Yes!  Scan graph paper or notebook paper on the printer and send the e-mail to yourself or your students.  They can open this image save it into pictures and draw, write, and create using Doodle Buddy.
  • This is great and all, but I don't want to waste a lot of time on the application if I'm not going to get them in my classroom.  Don't fret.  Your chances are very good!  :-)  We are flexible and many teachers can have this!

Spice up your Classroom Website with Images on Google Sites

Thursday, March 10th at 3:05 in the Media Center Computer Lab. 

  •  Learn how to quickly add images that you find from the internet
  • Learn how to quickly add images from your camera to spice up your website. 
  • Learn how to wrap text around your picture
  • Learn how to format your picture’s size and location
  •  Learn how to create a slide show on your website (like on the tech website and the WG homepage)
If you don’t have a website yet, still come, we can quickly get one set up and you can still participate in the image portion.    :-D  Hope to see you there!

What Was There- This may just be my favorite new site of the week.  WhatWasThere ties historical photos to Google Maps, allowing you to tour familiar streets to see how they appeared in the past.  Basically it shows a picture from the past and overlays it with the present view.  You can fade the historical picture to get a great view of the new picture.  You can also upload your personal pictures to add to the collection.

The Week in Rap- A two minute overview of what is happening in the world.  This week’s ‘rap’ features violence in Libya, The Oscars, World Math Day, and dead dolphins in the Gulf.  Worth checking out!

Quiz Hub- I received a free subscription to this site until March 11th and thought that I would pass along.  The online games cover every subject area K-12.  It is mostly a matching game where students have to match the answer to the question.  There are no multiple choice questions and not a lot of graphics, but the questions that I looked at seemed good.  It might be a good review for the upcoming OAA/OGTs.  This works on the iPads so you could have an entire class working on the site at a time, just enter through Safari.  If you use it, I'm curious what your thoughts on the program are.  :-)    account: wgschools    password: ipad

Tech Site Updates

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