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September 2, 2011

North Carolina Public Schools Unpack the Common Core Standards

                N.C.P.S. has gone through all of the standards for Math and English Language Arts in grades Kindergarten through 12 and provided clarification of each standards as well as several examples for teaching and learning.  This is the best resources I have found yet! Visit by going to the Common Core page on the tech site or by following this link


The Common Core: Clarifying Expectations for Teachers and Students books available for checkout!

                Over the summer, WG schools ordered common core flip books for Math and Language Arts for Grade K-12.  These books break down each standard to a simple to understand idea, have ideas for enduring understanding, essential questions, learning targets (I Can Statements) and Vocabulary.  They seem to be a very good resource!  I have them in my office on the corner of my desk with a sign out sheet.  Feel free to stop down and pick up any that you would be interested in.  Hope to see you soon!


Interested in Trying a Mimio Pad?

                We have several new Mimio Pads that are ready for distribution.  A Mimio Pad allows you to control your computer from any location in the classroom.  With a Mimio Pad you will be able to have a student while in their seat write on the board, edit a document, or participate in an interactive white board activity.  Need more information?  Visit or talk to Mrs. Kinstle, Mrs. Hibner, Mrs. Wildermuth or Mrs. Gossard our own Mimio Pad experts.  Interested?  Send a work order and you will be the next to discover this awesome resource!


Teacher Websites

                Keeping your website up to date will keep students and parents visiting and up to date.  Need a refresher?  Stop in or send a work order with a time that you are able to meet and we can get your website in top condition for your new students.  J  Congrats to Mrs. McKinney and Mr. Wingfield who have just started a classroom website!


Google Chrome

                Did you know that currently the best browser for students is Google Chrome?  When students log in, they have a Google Chrome icon on their desktop that will take them directly to the WG homepage.  Google Chrome has many of the programs that students will need preloaded (Flash, Java, etc.) This icon looks similar to a beach ball. 


                Try to log into the Pro-Ohio program soon and check over your class lists.  Any mistakes found prior to testing will help to make the testing and Pro-Ohio use go smoother.  J  Look for detailed directions soon on how to download this year’s version of the CCI program.  If you need help please don’t hesitate to ask!



                Glogster will remain free until September 15th.  So you have a few more days to use this program with your students before it becomes a paid program.

Curriculum Mapping Help


I have gotten a ton of questions this past week about mapping.  So hopefully you are at least starting to think about your maps.  I compiled a list of help topics related to the maps on the tech website.  You can get there from the link below or going under the 'C' on the tech page home.

 As always if you need something specific or what individual help just send a work order with a time that I can meet with you.  :-)

 Some of the time at our next delay inservice will be devoted to mapping and I will be available for questions then.